Hiap Huat Chemicals Sdn Bhd Environmental Policy

Hiap Huat Chemicals Sdn Bhd has drawn up a program to improve environmental performance of recycling activities with cleaner technology approach.

Harmonize nature and our recycle activities by:

1. Using environmentally friendly materials in our products and packaging.

2. Ensuring our product is produced using process, which are not detrimental to the
    environment, where possible.

Implement an Environment Management System to

1. Prevent air, water, soil and noise pollution resulting from our activities especially our
    production, chemical and waste handling.

2. Manage our hazardous waste without causing adverse environmental impact through
    proper labeling, storage, segregation and disposal.

Adhere to the principal of Re-use, Re-cycle, Recover and Reduce in the manufacture of our products, to reduce the generation of waste.

Provide and comply relevant environmental law, rules and regulations established by Government of Malaysia and others industry requirements applicable to our manufacturing activities, products and services.

Have foremost regards, for health and safety of:

1. Our employees who are engaged in our manufacturing activities and,

2. To society at large who are exposed to the environmental impact of our activities,
    product and service.

Use electricity and waste efficiently in our manufacturing activities and continuously review our environmental objectives and target.

Additional commitment to:

1. Interested parties through regulatory submission, business associated activities.

2. Encourage the adoption of an environmental management system by our supplies
    and contractors.

Train and imbue in our entire employee a sense of duty and commitment towards environmental protection and pollution prevention.